DRC : President Félix Tshisekedi launches construction of 220KV Kinsuka substation


The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, launching the construction works of the high voltage 220KV Kinsuka substation

The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, on Tuesday launched the construction works of the high voltage 220KV Kinsuka substation and the associated MV / LV distribution networks in Kinshasa, during a ceremony organized in the Mbudi district located in the town of Mont-Ngafula, west of Kinshasa, noted the our desk.

« This project is a complement to the Zongo II hydroelectric power station, the first automated distribution network in the DRC and a strategic post in the Kinshasa / Brazzaville regional interconnection and aims to boost the supply of electrical energy in a large part of the city of Kinshasa”, indicated in his speech for the occasion, the Minister of Water Resources and Electricity, Olivier Mwenze Mukaleng.

While praising the excellence of Sino-Congolese relations, he affirmed that this project is materialized by the sole will of the Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.
The Director General of SNEL Jean-Bosco Kayombo, indicated that the laying of the first stone of the construction of this work is the materialization of the vision of the Head of State for the emergence of the country which is sums it up in these terms: “No development is possible without electricity”.

Growth of 42,000 customers

The representative of the company Shanghai Electric announced that the realization of this project will allow bringing in the city of Kinshasa 150 MW (+ 27%) on the point of the city, with for consequence the increase of 42,000 customers. (+ 10%) at the initial moment of commissioning of the installations, namely an increase of 150,000 electrified households (+ 13%) and the improvement in the rate of access to electricity which will go from 53% to 60 % as well as the reduction of 21% on load shedding.

According to the representative of Shanghai Electric, the construction of this structure is one of the biggest projects of Sino-Congolese cooperation.

According to him, his company has always kept to its commitments by ensuring the safety and quality of its work as well as the respect of timing by delivering the works within the agreed timeframe.

The objectives and management standards of this project are to provide SNEL sa with an automated distribution network in the Kinsuka area and around, increase the availability of electricity in the city of Kinshasa, remedy certain shortcomings with regard to electricity supply; increase the level of electricity coverage throughout the country and increase SNEL’s income through the installation of prepaid meters, etc.
Financed by China via EXIM Bank of CHINA and the national electricity company (SNEL) SA, this work will last 24 months or 2 years and will cost around 200 million USD.
Several high personalities, both civil and military, including the presidents of the Senate, Modeste Bahati Lukwebo and of the National Assembly, Mboso Nkodia Pwanga, the Governor of the city of Kinshasa, Gentiny Ngobila attended this ceremony.

The electricity supply rate in the DRC has increased from 11 to 13%
Of all the efforts of the Head of State, Félix Tshisekedi, the rate of electricity supply in the DRC has increased from 11 to 13%, said, for his part, the principal adviser to the Head of State at the College of Mines and Energy, Eboma Ablavi.
Recalling certain achievements of the Head of State, Félix Tshisekedi in the field of electric energy, Eboma Ablavi notably mentioned: the organization, in 2019 in Matadi, of the Forum on Electric Energy, the signing of the DRC agreement -General Electric, the establishment of the Mwinda Fund for the electrification of rural and peri-urban areas, the rehabilitation of the hydroelectric plants of Inga I and II and the resumption of construction of the hydroelectric plants of Katende and Kakobola.

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