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Participation of ACOFEPE in the 1st meeting to draft the statutes of ASEFEPE

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The President of the Congolese association of women journalists of the written press (ACOFEPE), Grace Ngyke Kangundu, participated Saturday by video conference, in the first preparatory meeting for the elaboration of the statute and rules of procedure of the Association of Senegalese Women of the Written Press « ASEFEPE », in order to reflect on the methods of regularization of the documents of this platform.

During these meetings, Senegalese media professionals shared their experiences in turn, taking into account, on the one hand, the exercise of the profession and, on the other, the place occupied by women without discrimination in print media editorial staff.

Once authorized to operate, underline the members of ASEFEPE, the non-profit organization will be much more inclined to lead the fight to improve the status of Senegalese women journalists in the written press through the organization of workshops, training sessions and popular forums.

For her part, the President of ACOFEPE reaffirmed her unwavering support for all the steps that her peers in Senegal will take to campaign together for the rights of women in the written press in Africa. 


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